about me…

i decided to keep a blog so to have a place where i can just put my thoughts…

i think that everybody ought to have a record…

I never did have the patience to actually write diaries because its time-consuming (nah! im just too lazy to keep one…hehe). I used to think that diary is like a key to your secrets…if you wanted something to be kept as a secret, why put it in a diary where people could someday read it?!

Im just gonna be putting in a journal where i can keep track of things that happen in my life..no matter how big or small…

Well, lets get to the topic…

so who exactly is “thiamere“?

i do keep a myspace & i think i put all the stuffs about me on my myspace…most of the information that i put on my myspace is right…i guess except for my name…

Im 23 years old, a filipino, single (but in a relationship), born under the sign of Libra, & is currently into arts (graphite sketches)..

Im a teacher…

Im an English teacher for that matter. Im an Online ESL Instructor & my students are koreans & taiwanese. I work at home…thats one of the perks in the kind of job that i do. You have time for plenty of rest. i can go to eat,sleep,watch TV whenever i want to, go somewhere (as long as i go back home in time for my classes) & be lazy…i gotta admit that no matter how fun it is to do things online but there are some times that it feels boring. That you lack social life because your life revolves in front of your pc…yeah, you can meet lots of people on the net, discover lots of things with just a click of a button…but its still fun to go somewhere & get to experience it….

I did met lots of people online…

real gentlemen, cowboys, nerds, artists, jerks, maniacs, sweet people, real friends, etc..

you name it, i know it…

anyway, what the heck!

i like what i do..no matter how boring it is sometimes..but i like it



~ by thiamere on June 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “about me…”

  1. Happy blogging!

  2. browsing around ur blog..

    simple and nice ..

    at 23 and be an english teacher.. wowww!!

    even my eldest at 24 still like a kid n need to be monitored.. lol


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