how to “make” loofah

I love water…whether its swimming or drinking it or showering…

& as what i put on my random stuffs, i take a bath 3-4x a day (mainly because its so hot here in the philippines!). Of course exfoliation is just one part of my routine & loofah is an important thing that i ought to have when bathing. I always knew that loofah came from a plant & i never did realize that “making” on is as easy as 1,2,3!

I had the pleasure of knowing how to “make” loofah because of a stray gourd that grew on our backyard fence. The plant itself is on the house behind ours, but since gourd (luffa) is a vine plant so it needs some fence to climb & hold on to.
gourd (luffa)

Patola (tagalog name for gourd) is considered as a vegetable & is used in some filipino dishes. The inside is soft & “airy”. As it mature,it begins to grow some veins. Up until such time that its already matured enough to know that the veins it is already strong enough to be a loofah.

It can be harvested when it already turned yellowish or even up until it is already dried & old. I included some pics here so that you would be able to see how i “made” it. I even asked my grandma to help me. She’s the one who is peeling it.

first – you have to choose a gourd that is already “ripe” (yellowish or brown color)

a mature patola

second – remove all the seeds by removing one end of it & draining all the seeds. You can either just shake it or slam it on a wall (really!) to let some of the seeds loose that are trapped in between veins.

patola seeds

lastly – after removing all the seeds on it you can now start peeling the skin off of the gourd…

peeling it!almost done!finish!


Easy as pie! you don’t actually need to “make” it. All you need to do is to just harvest it then peel it….


~ by thiamere on June 12, 2008.

One Response to “how to “make” loofah”

  1. Thank you for info. very useful. I planted some wild luffa and am getting ready to harvest/

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