internet dating

Is internet dating an effective way to actually get to know your future “mr. right”?

We know that to be able to meet new people you have to go out & experience the world on your own. But through advanced technology its easy to meet people without having to go to all the trouble of dressing,putting on make ups & trying your dang best to look extremely good & sexy. There are lots of matchmaking & networking sites that we can use to meet up with somebody. Its as effective as going in a bar to make your social circle grow bigger…actually i think its more effective! Less hassle, less effort & more relaxing..

How easy can it be to just open up your pc & be connected through the internet? With just the click of a button you have access to know millions of people worlwide….

Though the main question about safety is still a long way from being answered…it is still one of the “in” thing these days. I heard a story or two about married couple who met online, fell in love online, went on a real date then ended up on the altar.

The good thing about it is if you don’t like the person that you’re currently “dating” its easy to just dump him…whereas in real dating you are forced to weave lies just to make him get the message that you’re not interested. Another good thing is you don’t have to spend money on your “date”..all you have to do is just to prepare a meaningful conversation!

It sure is a way to meet people but then again we just have to be careful in divulging real information. Im not saying not to give your information & just make a fake identity (god knows what it feels like to assume a different identity), but to make sure that the information that you’re giving to another person is not something that could endanger you.

I believe that everything has its reasons… good or bad, right from wrong….

but we also have to take responsibility in what we do.


~ by thiamere on June 12, 2008.

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