favorite animes (part 1)

i grew up watching animes so its not a surprise that even though im already 23 i still watch animes. Although if its shown here in the Philippines on our local channel its also dubbed on our local dialect, but i think that the japanese version is better because they are able to give it much more feelings. All voice tones are just like how the characters are supposed to sound like. And because of that i became interested in learning nihonggo!

As what i said on my previous entry & the random stuffs that my students are koreans, i tried studying their language but its hard. Nihonggo is easier compare to korean!i am able to get a few words by watching animes, i also watch korean drama but im really having a hard time learning it. I think because of the animes that i watched i became intrigued about Japanese culture as well.

Anime is not just an ordinary “kids” show, in fact it’s more like a drama because included in such stories are feelings & thoughts that leaves the viewer with different perspective of all things related to life.

My favorite anime is “tennis no oujisama” better known as “the prince of tennis”

TENNIS NO OUJISAMA (The Prince of Tennis)

prince of tennis

as what the name goes, the main story is about tennis. The main character Ryoma Echizen, who is the son of a pro tennis player-Nanjiro Echizen, joins Seigaku (Seishun Gakuen) & from there on his adventures began. From a simple kid who don’t have his own play style, he evolved into someone who is considered as one of the best & youngest tennis player.

Although as of now the last set of episodes for this show has not yet aired & is still on going, this is one of the animes that really had me watched over & over again…

FUSHIGI YUUGI (The Mysterious Play)

fushigi yuugi

I knew this anime ever since i was in high school & being a girl, im a sucker for romantic stories & this anime got everything that a girl wanted to imagine. A story about a teenage girl , Yuuki Miaka, who was sucked into a book of ancient times in china to become the Priestess of Suzaku. Then of course she got her beloved knight in shining armor named Tamahome. As she finds a way to be able to go back to her own time & save her bestfriend she encountered lots of adventures & trials, but because of the “power of love” she was able to overcome everything, even the fact that Tamahome is just a character in a book.


Lovely Complex

Love conquers all…. even if one is a ‘chibi’ & the other is a ‘totem pole’. This is a refreshing story that im pretty sure everybody can relate to. Riza Koizumi fell in love with her buddy Atsushi Otani , the only problem is that she is taller than Otani. That’s when the funny, sad, touching & enjoyable story is all about. All shojo fans should make it a point to see this heart-warming anime

To be continued….


~ by thiamere on June 14, 2008.

41 Responses to “favorite animes (part 1)”

  1. tennis…

    great site…

  2. I really am an anime fan its like i don’t care anymore that others think I’m wierd cause I really love watching anime.

  3. my most favorite anime is prince of tennis.

    • Prince of Tennis is one of my favorite animes too..

      I love Tezuka too….although i think i love all of them!
      they’re so cool!

  4. i love fushigi yuugi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you love fushigi yuugi

  5. they are all so………………..handsome………

    echizen ryoma is the most handsome and cute

    the best anime

  6. yeah i love prince of tennis especially ryoma!!! waahahahahah

  7. hahaha…who doesn’t love them?

    every character on prince of tennis is hot!..lol!

  8. yeah, I like the characters in POT and also in fushigi yuugi, i haven’t seen love complex though.

    in seigaku team, I prefer eiji with his acrobatic stunt. it’s a bit weird playing tennis while doing acrobats. In FY I like tasuki and chichiri.

    (by the way interested in link exchange? coz, i gathering sites for my anime resources if you want i can add your link, leave you -hopefully positive-reply on my page)… thanks..

  9. cool!
    looks like we have the same likes in animes

  10. animes are just so cool…
    i wish i can be an anime creator as well.
    they are all so cute!!!

  11. aw nmn syang

  12. ahh every one of them had a unique character and there so hot lol ah just love Prince of Tennis (POT) i want to know what happen next T.T >.<

  13. hello i’m alloso fan of fushigi yuugi

  14. hello guys am an anime addict,,,

    i also love fushigi yuugi and prince of tennis…

    can you give me sites where i can download their episodes and OVAs…

    i’ve been wanting to watch them…

    and please tell me how to download them…

    domo arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!! in advance…

  15. yea m too

  16. i also love prince of tennis……

  17. my friends and i love fushigi yuugi because its was so romantic and cool tamahome was handsome and nuriko was cute in the philippines no.1 the fushigi yuugi

  18. we love fushigi yuugi b’cos of hid distory we love nuriko and tamahome……. it was cool pls… play the fushigi yuugi ova tnx more power

  19. i love tamahome and nuriko and most specially is ryoma echizen i love her b’coz he was so very handsome…….we love him


  21. thanks for your something that you did to this. we appreciate your work so much and it is so beautiful

  22. hi there!guess we’re on d same boat;p i’m 24 and i’m a teacher but there’s no way i can get rid of my anime!;p yup3x..my fav anime would be pot n i juz luv eiji kikumaru sooooooo much!

  23. you know,,,,i reallylove fy,,,,,i am the fan of fy… ive watch the part 2 of fy…. not so good… because mayo came, and change the story

  24. hi! i love prince of tennis too! and fushigi yuugi too!

    nice site…continue to review and watch lots of anime…

    i am going to try to watch lovely complex…^_^

  25. sb q fushigi yuugi kundi anoano

  26. i love Tezuka,,,,,,,,,
    i like him,,.

  27. Hello….!

  28. PrinceOfTennis is the best anime I ever seen!

  29. Fushigi Yuugi is my Favorite!!!!!!!!!
    I love that very much ^_^

  30. Prince of Tennis?? Ooohhh… I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!! so cool… so cool.. so cool… HWAAAHHH …!!(Happy tears) OK let’s take a breath…hufff.. yes, I always love them, especially Kunimitsu Tezuka, Syusuke Fuji and Echuzen Ryoma…

  31. whoopss.. i think we’re both the same selections.. haha.. i love fushigi yuugi also and prince of tennis.. ive watched fushigi yuugi a lot of times already like 4 times wid the ova and i still cant get rid of it.. addicted too it..haha.. but still watching prince of tennis now.. ive watched it first wenn i was still in the Philippines but then i dont hahve the time to watch it everyday so i dont know wat was really happening so i continue watching it now.. ep 73..haha.. u better watch hunterxhunter too.. thats one of my top 3 anime.. haha.. but if u want some games animes.. go watch slam dunk.. basketball..roblmao..

  32. I love Prince of tennis. I especially love Tetsuka, Eiji (I find him really funny and adorable), Fuji (love his unconventional taste for food and amusement), and of course Ryoma. I also like Atobe Keigo.

  33. omg i love all then

  34. i love prince of tennis too… fushigi yuugi and fruits basket. its really really cool and a lot of spices to watch.

  35. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ECHIZEN RYOMA.IT WAS THE BEST ANIME I’VE EVER SEEN.say ganbatte for seigaku.mada mada dane=)



  38. i really do love the prince of tennis.. im such a fan of ryoma echizen whom i dream of being my boyfiend^^

  39. I’m addicted to Fushigi Yuugi!!!! I soooooo lurve that show… I think i’ve watched it for 3 times and I never think that is boring!!!

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