my drawings

Ive always been interested in drawings ever since i was in high school, i envy one of my classmate who is a really great artist. What you see on the image that she’s looking at is what you exactly see on what she is doing…she’s really amazing!

I tried sketching lately & i found that its a good way to release stress for me…

i get to forget things that are bothering me & i get to just concentrate on how to draw & blend…

ryoma echizen

this is my first ‘formal’ drawing… at first i was just trying to fiddle with my notebook when i decided to draw my favorite anime “tennis no oujisama” (prince of tennis) & i had fun drawing it while on class!

color pencil

this is my 1st colored pencil drawing..i thought id try colored pencil & i think i didn’t do bad…for a first 😀

river scene

i used a set of pencils in achieving the blending effects for this one…several shades of pencils & also medium & light charcoal too..

i put this one in a frame… i can say that this is one of my drawings that im proud of…

its not that good but for me who used to believe that i cant draw..this one is already an achievement!



~ by thiamere on June 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “my drawings”

  1. is that really ur drawing
    u r a great girl
    a teacher with skills
    tc see u

  2. oh,,,you draw echizen,,,,so nice,, you know i loved drawing too

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