father’s day celebration

Our parents are one of the most important persons in our whole life. They are the one who gave life to us & takes care of ours need. What & who you are now is all because of the sacrifices & love that our parents gave us.

Yesterday our family went out to celebrate Father’s day. We went to church & hear mass (we are catholic & we believe that “a family that prays together, stays together”!), then we decided to go to the mall to stroll around & eat lunch. When we get to the mall, i went to help my brothers buy their school materials while my folks go off on their own to wander around. After an hour we met to eat lunch together.

Lunch is a nice family time. We get to have a good laugh together with my folks (not usually happen because we’re not the “so-close-we-can-share-secrets” type of family relation) while ordering up filipino favorites. While waiting for the food we just talked & joked around. It took like 30minutes before the food arrived..just in time because our stomachs are already grumbling… eating lunch at 2 o’clock in the afternoon!

After eating we came upon the music hall of the SM mall of asia where a small celebration of fathers day is happening, with little parlor games only for the dads… We left our folks there while we stroll & play video games together. I & my little brother enjoyed playing while they are trying to be cheesy by joining the parlor games.. 😛

When we went back, my mom told me that dad indeed joined the parlor games!

There was this obstacle game where they have to cross a few tires & my mom said that my dad tripped while he was doing that! He said its because of his shoes… (oooooookay..) hehehe…

Anyway….we weren’t there to see him do that..but i guess from the looks of my dad he really did enjoyed the game! Its not everyday that my dad play games like that. Based on the smiles, laugh & stories that he told us while he is driving it seems like he really did had fun!


~ by thiamere on June 16, 2008.

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