virtual pets

Networking sites such as myspace, facebook or friendster is one of the sites that people really flock on to. It is where you get to know informations about certain person. It is not only use for ‘making friends’ but also for business purposes too. Virtual pets are such a fad in networking sites these days.

Animal lovers are having lots of fun time petting, hugging, feeding & grooming their pets with just a touch of a button. They are able to visit their friends pet anytime they want to, give gifts & play with another virtual pet.

Of course i also got a couple of virtual pets applications on my pages….

this is my myspace pet -> CHARLIE


As for myspace SuperPet, its easy to take care of them because you just have to put your site on public so that other people can access it. they are the one who will pet, feed & clean your pet…why is that? because if they hug your pet they get to earn money… although the money you get is bigger,compare to the one who petted your pet..neat,huh?hehe..

these are my facebook pets…

fluff friends

^ fluff friend application

fb pokey

^ pokey application

Facebook virtual pet is much more enjoyable i guess.. take for example the fluff friends applications.

In the Fluff application you get to buy foods & other fun things exclusively for your pet. If you want to be more than just a simple pet owner you can get to do your stuff by making what they call a “fluff art”, you get to decorate your page using the decorations that you can buy, or betting on a fluff race, or even joining the different “fluff contest” that they have during special occasion. You get to earn munny by petting other fluffs or by putting bets on a fluff race. You get to get something in return for activities that you do. Like points to buy some special items or some foods or munny by engaging in fluff races.

How fun can that be? 😉

As for the Pokey application, you get to take care of a 3d puppy (your choice of rottweiler, labrador (yellow,black or chocolate) or chihuahua. You have to feed it,water it,play with it & of course pet it! To feed & water it on time is one of the basic thing that you have to remember because if you dont water & feed them you will really see that they’re running out of energy. You will see them panting & their tongues are lolling out. So you have to monitor them & make sure that they’re well taken care of.

Although keeping these little critters take lots of time to take care of, & not as rewarding like taking care of the real ones (because you don’t get to hug them for real) but it reflects how patient you are in taking care of real pets… Its just like a diversion from all the online things that you do..

But its fun to see them..thats the main thing..hehe


~ by thiamere on June 17, 2008.

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