favorite animes (part 2)

As i continue thinking about my favorite anime, i tried to remember every anime that i watched….

& a few stood up aside from the 1st three that i put…



Kinimoto Sakura, an elementary student accidentally released the Clow Cards, with the help of Keroberos, the guardian of the card, they try to collect every single card. Facing different adventures on how they can retrieve every card, they met people that helps them in their quest.

I like this anime because the story is just about a kid’s extraordinary adventure & their facial expressions, voices & actions befits the situation they are in.


school rumble

Tsukamoto Tenma is a high school student who got a major crush on Karasuma Oji. She is having a hard time confessing her feelings to Karasuma, & mixed with Harima Kenji, who also got got a crush on Tenma, makes this everyday-student life as funny as it could be.

The everyday life of highschool student is very well portrayed in this anime..makes me wanna go back to school! It’s so funny!


akazukin cha cha

Cha Cha, student of the world’s top magician Seravi,a cute & lovable but clumsy magician owns the Princess Medallion-an item that can transform the owner to become a princess warrior. With the aide of her best friends Riiya & Shiine they embark on different adventures to defeat the Dark Lord, Daimaou, who turned Cha cha’s parents to stone.

An anime that is so filled with fun is sure fire hit & this anime has been around for years now but it still have the ability to tickle the viewers’ with funny lines. A must see specially for kids! 🙂


~ by thiamere on June 18, 2008.

16 Responses to “favorite animes (part 2)”

  1. u know i love he clothes in detective conan and D.GRAY-MAN ROCKS KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!


  2. u know i love he clothes in detective conan and D.GRAY-MAN ROCKS KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!


  3. i hope you will continue writing about card captor sakura because she is my idol…talaga

  4. i want cardcaptor sakura hahahahaha

  5. how much that mangga series, i think it’s expensive because ist so beautiful

  6. i want ccs and azumanga daioh,dn angel,tokyo majin,mai hime,love hina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i’ll try to do a couple more like azu & mai hime
      i already did a review on ccs

      thanks for the comment!

  7. esta muy chida

  8. I love sakura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. don’t we all?
    she’s just so adorable!

  10. Man I Luv Those Three Anime Show’s

  11. cool!

  12. la primera ves que lovi megusto mucho schoo rumble es jenial

  13. i like this anime it so cool

  14. since I am 13 i really luv anime!^_^

  15. i love all of these!!!so cute!!

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