its been quite a while since i get to post a new entry. Its because ive been sick & was not in the mood to actually write something. Anyway, this time im gonna rave & rant about the POKEY applications in facebook.


The last time i said something about virtual pets, like the current applications that we get to see in networking sites, i still had the chocolate labrador. Now due to the fact that i adore the application so much, i gained lots of bones (its like a spending money for you to buy foods) to be able to adopt a new pet. Much as i really love a chocolate labrador (because my pet is a choco lab), i decided to adopt a new pet coz i cant resist how cute & cuddly it look!

How does pokey applications work?

You just have to be there to pet it, feed it, water it & of course play with it. I included some snapshots here so that you at least get to see how it works…


this is the main page of pokey..you get to take care of your pets here on the icons that you can choose below… either to throw ball/frisbee, or play fetch, then feed &/or water your pet. In this case, i highlighted the fetch bone

pokey fetch

Fetch command is where you instruct your pet to fetch the bone that was lying on the far side of his/her space. Its not much of an excitement but you just get to interact with him/her by doing that.

pokey throw

Throw ball/frisbee command is where you getto play with your pet. If they get to catch the ball/frisbee (it depends on the breed of the dog which toy they will be getting, frisbee – big dogs; ball – small dogs), you will be able to earn bones (if he/she is able to fetch it, if not you will lose a bone). So, if you wanted to test your luck then go ahead & play with your pup! 😉

How do you earn bones? You can earn bones by as what i said a while ago, by playing with your pet & also by feeding & playing with the hungry pups. Its easy to earn hundreds of bones by petting pups that needs attention.

Pokey application is on myspace but in my case i just decided to have it on my facebook account.

So, go ahead & cherish the experience of having a virtual pet. 😉


~ by thiamere on June 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “pokey”

  1. hello
    I like this site so much !!

  2. Hello,
    So there is Pokey Yorkies

  3. I miss GoPokey 😦

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