being a teacher

Is being a teacher really as noble as it was supposed to?

I’ve been asking that question ever since i became a teacher. I guess if you try to look at it in general it would seem so. Its the teacher who got the influence in a child’s mentality. Specially a classroom teacher, they are the one who is with the children for a couple of hours. The time that kids spent on school compare to their homes are far greater so its no doubt that a teacher plays a major role in a child’s development.

Although im just an online teacher, but in some ways i can still make an impact on them. Most of my classes are just conversation, so whatever i say about them can affect them.

If i want to i can just weave a lie & they wont know it…

But the fact that they look up to me to provide them information is the thing that makes me strive hard.

I remember what one of my highschool teacher told us in class before.. she asked us who wanted to be a teacher..nobody in the class raised hands..meaning that nobody wanted to become a teacher…of course i didnt raise my hand..because never in my wildest dream will i become a teacher…

she just said that a few years after highschool graduation, there would be a teacher in the class…no doubt about it.. i just smirked..thinking that its not possible..i know all of my classmates & by their looks & attitude there’s no way in hell that one of them can become a teacher..

But after a few i am.. a Teacher…

So,is it still a noble job? i think the nobility of one thing just lay in their inner thoughts. if they wanted to make what they’re doing noble..then it is a noble thing…

as for being a teacher the nobility lies in the fact that we are the one who gives information to a student.. & that alone is a nobility…


~ by thiamere on July 2, 2008.

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