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Fluff Application… another wonderful FB applications for pet lovers!

I adore the pokey applications, but i had to admit that its lacking in details & is a bit boring. The Fluff applications make up for what pokey lacks. In the fluff application you can dress & design your pet’s environment. Even make an art out of the decorations that you got.

This is the Fluff Home..where you get to see the basic info & news about whats happening to the fluff world & to your fluff…

fluff home

fluff home

The Fluff Book is the page where everybody gets to see & interact with your fluff… Pet, Feed, Give Gift & Race other fluffs!

fluff book

fluff book

Petting & Feeding is the way to go at fluff application.Feed your pet so that their speed would go up…the faster they are the more easier it is to win fluff race… Oh, and fluff race is one activity that all Fluffs enjoy the most!

To earn munny you need to do lots of petting, if you have some spare dollars , you can buy gold to be able to buy limited editions or special items.

Another thing that’s interesting in fluff is that the applications got special contest… it can be an art contest or any special activities… its fun coz lots of people are joining…

Much as i try to do some fluff arts but it seems like im still way off of being able to do some. I have put in here some of my favorite fluff arts.

This is from the LOL contest… (funny arts)

fluff art

This art is made by Andy Wallis…please visit his link


so funneee…..this art made me really LOL

liar liar pants on fire

liar liar pants on fire

isnt it funny? this one really made me laugh when i saw it…too cute!

this art is from Pui Wan…please drop by on her link


never bully

never bully

the forces of ya wobbly.. a creature sure to be reckoned with…hahaha… 😀

fluff art from Alvin Ang

here’s the link: http://apps.facebook.com/fluff/fluffbook.php?id=686308801

bad fluff eyes

Another amazing fluff art… a good reminder to not be too engrossed in ‘fluff-ing’ or else….

from Colin Chang – http://apps.facebook.com/fluff/fluffbook.php?id=775878112

These are just a few of the fluff arts that i really loved..it would be best to see the whole gallery.

so go ahead & enjoy the Fluff world! Lots of things are waiting for you 😉

Please feel free to drop by & leave some love on my Fluff page


~ by thiamere on July 4, 2008.

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