tsubasa chronicle

geez…after my PC problems, my internet went berserk!

How bad can it get?! I had to cancel my classes a couple of times because of what happened…now i think i have to have classes during the weekend so that my make up classes wont accumulate that much..


Anyway, during the time that my internet went down, I have nothing much to do but just watch animes. I brought my cousin’s anime collection. I think it got a couple of neat animes & i got it for a bargain! 😀

I still long way to go before i would be able to finish it halfway. Im currently watching ‘Tsubasa Chronicle’ & man!that anime sure is so nice….perfect for people who like romance.

tsubasa chronicle

tsubasa chronicle

I’ll give the sound effects & the song a 10! The sound fits nicely with the theme of every episode. Whether its a fighting scene, or just a heart-wretching scene between two lovers who cant express themselves, it really evoke emotions. Of course, graphics & story is also a 10!

I already watched Card Captor Sakura & i like that anime too ^_^

The main characters in Tsubasa Chronicle are also the characters in CCS, so in a way, its a delight to see them all grown up & in a different, grown-up stage.

Although im just on the start of the 2nd season, i still have a few episodes & OVA’s to watch, but as of now Im really enjoying it. I’ll just tell the story as soon as im done watching it.

A few more episodes, chips & juice, tears & ill be done….


~ by thiamere on July 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “tsubasa chronicle”

  1. ^_^

    wheres ur new update?

    hew hew hew

  2. arghhhhhhh my names missing …


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