online teaching setbacks

Last week is a real hell for me… & i have a feeling that this week is also the same *sigh*

My broadband is not working… thats why i had to cancel my classes.. & because of that its accumulating! I already have to do my classes this saturday. if this continues, then i would be working nonstop for 3 weeks…waaaahhhh! ;(

I hate my ISP! I use smartBro as my ISP & for more than a year, i cant count the times where i have to drop my classes just because i dont have an internet connection. I know that there’s no ‘perfect’ residential internet subscription here in the philippines, i just wish that there would somehow be a way for SmartBro to improve. Im the type of person that sticks to what im familiar with & since that i know SmartBro, thats why im still with them.

Currently, im so pissed on my net status. I’ve been calling the Customer Service for the past few days, i called last Thursday & up until now (Monday evening) i havent received any good news from them.. to think that i even gave a f***ing commendation to the 1st 2 CSR that i talked to. geez!

Rainy season had already started & i know for a fact that once rainy season started there is endless of problems that an online teacher faces. Classes will be cancelled frequently due to several reasons:
– unstable internet connection
– internet interruption
– power blackout
– unstable electicity

Well, these are just a few of what a homebased online teacher’s setbacks are. There are other reasons for class interruption as well…


~ by thiamere on July 15, 2008.

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