tokimeki memorial

Another anime that i finished watching….

Tokimeki Memorial is about the life of ordinary high school student. Compare to other anime that focuses on the girl’s side of the story, this time its about a boy who found himself caught up between girls,friends & highschool life.

tokimeki memorial only love

tokimeki memorial only love

Lets get to know the main heroines:

Riku Aoba – a gullible boy who have been the main target of everything. He always transfer from one school to another therefore not having the luxury of time to make real friends. He is a loner type of person & is very kind. The time that he transfer to a new school, he was faced with extraordinary things, like being chased by lots of guys for a certain memorabilia or talking to Hiyoko (a chick..literally!), & being caught up in lots of school activities because of the person around him. He found himself being the center of affection of 3 pretty girls.

Sayuri Amamiya – a very popular girl & is the school campus. She is always nice & helpful to everyone, she is also an active student council member who is always in charge of school affairs. She is always busy either from studying or on school activities. She developed feelings for Riku but doesnt have the courage to express it.

Kasuga Tsukasa – good volleyball player who declares to be Riku’s girlfriend. A very jolly girl, but she have a low self exteem. She was on the way to school one day when Riku accidentally bump her & because of that she found herself mesmerized by him, therefore making him her boyfriend.

Mina Yayoi – the school’s swimming champion. The first time she met Riku, was in the library when she is trying to reach a book that is located in the upper layer of the library’s book cabinet. Riku reach the book for her, & was able to chat for a while before he went off because of another school frenzy. She fell in love in Riku all because of Riku’s kindness. She is a year younger than Riku. Riku always encourages her to do her best for swimming competition.

There are also lots of characters that make the story funny & interesting, but ill skip it.

The story just revolves on those 4 persons who are caught up in their feelings. Riku, who got a crush on Sayuri, who became Kasuga’s bf. Kasuga who always depend on Riku & is mainly Mina’s nemesis in Riku’s attention. Mina who is so infatuated to Riku.

i guess if a person likes a short story about highschool life, this would be a good anime.

In the end, it just went to Riku & Amamiya being together. Amamiya finally pluck the courage to confess her feelings in front of every student. Riku had to transfer to another school though. Mina & Sakura became their team’s captain. Mina, being the swimming team captain & Kasuga ending up being a Volleyball Captain.

All’s well that ends well. 😀

My next anime review will be for Yakitate! Japan!



~ by thiamere on July 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “tokimeki memorial”

  1. is there a season 2 for this? will u agree about riku and sayuri

  2. As far as i know, there is no season 2 of TM, although there is an OVA. It’s just that i haven’t watched it yet. Do i agree with riku & sayuri?..hmm….personally i favor tsukasa. Maybe because she is more in tune with Aoba… how about you?

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