pokey environment

Looks like pokey is getting better & better….

This time you can get to choose a background for your precious pet. As of now they have 3 backgrounds.. you get to choose from:

pokey environment

pokey environment

Sunny beach – a nice background for pokey who loves to play in the warm sand then take a dip in the warm sea water afterwards

Grassy field – a perfect spot for relaxation. The grass provides a cool & peaceful feeling for your pet.

Mountain flowers – how about a place where your pokey can get to play with flowers & butterflies? sounds nice,huh?

The price for these environments are 75 bones. I bought the grassy field environment & i must admit..it made my pokey look a lot better… (the bare white background makes my pokey seem lonely) & now look at her…..

twinkie on a grassy field

twinkie on a grassy field

now it looks more like happy & alive.. ^_^

Looks like pokey developer are trying to add a few stuff… there are the ‘houses’ & ‘beds’ tab besides the ‘background’…. seems like we have lots more to expect..

will be posting updates as soon as its already out


~ by thiamere on July 21, 2008.

One Response to “pokey environment”

  1. quiero saber si hay algun truco para tener mas bonos para poder comprar los fondos?

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