ayashi no ceres

i know… i know… i know…

i promise that the next one is supposed to be for Yakitate! Japan! but i wasnt expecting that ill get to finish this anime first rather than the latter. Its because this anime is just a 24-episode program, compare to Yakitate! Japan! which exceeds 50+. So its no surprise that i get to finish this anime first…

First thing that i notice when i saw the graphics is that its like Fushigi Yuugi, which made me do a little research. I found out that this anime was made by none other than Yuu Watase. Knowing that its from Yuu Watase, i already have an idea that its going to be about LOVE. An unconditional & true love, overcoming all the trials set out to separate the lovers.

And im not wrong! 😀

Its good for people who are suckers for romance (like me!). People who believe that their soulmate is waiting for them. One person that they’re meant to share their life with. Everlasting love…

Lets get the ball rolling:

The anime revolve in the story long ago about fairies. There was a group of fairies who went down to earth to take a bath, while she is doing so, a man saw them & their feathercoat. Admiring the feathercoat, he decided to keep it. When the fairies finished bathing, they took their coat & went back to heaven, but this one fairy whose coat was stolen by the man is not able to go back. She tried finding the feathercoat & ended up marrying the guy & having kids. After some time, the fairy learned that it was he who took the feathercoat, she got angry then left her kids to him & went back to heaven…

That is how the story is told… little does Aya Mikage know that she is a fairy. Hiding inside her is the fairy Ceres, who is the true owner of the stolen feathercoat. Her fairy counterpart was just revealed when Aya turned 16 (together with her twin brother Aki) & was in her grandpa’s home. She was supposed to be assassinated, & thus with that the story began.

Her hero & love interest is Toya (ten nights), a man who got no memory of his past. He worked for Aya’s uncle in protecting Aya for experiment, then later on he became Aki Mikage‘s bodyguard.

As the story unfolds, several other characters give life to the story, such as Yuhi Aogiri, who is Aya’s protector. Yuhi’s sister in law- Suzumi Aogiri, who is also a fairy.

Ill leave the rest of the story for the viewer to be judged.


~ by thiamere on July 23, 2008.

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