pokey environment 2

looks like Pokey application is getting better & better. If the last update that they made is to have 3 environments, now they added 3 more…

the junk yard – which cost 75 bones

then the playground – which also cost 75 bones

and finally the mansion which cost 100 bones

actually i would love to use the playground background, because it looks cuter i guess when you play with her. You throw the ball & she will fetch it & it really looks like you are in a playground playing….

but in the end, i just decide to splurge & treat twinkie…coz im not that active in the pokey app as i used to be, so i brought the mansion background.

well,she looks so princess-like in the mansion…right?

OK,so what i notice about the pokey is its harder now to earn bones than before. Now that they have the insta-care feature, you can just click on the red or yellow buttons to care for the needy puppies. Its just a breeze to ear bones, before, because whenever you play with the puppies the chance of catching the frisbee is like 60-80%. Now that they minimize the insta-care buttons (before it was 3, now its just 2). Its harder to earn bones. so it would either be a fed & water button & the play OR pet button.

I guess if you really are trying to ear lots of bones, just feed & PET the puppies. If you play with the puppies & you lost 1 bone, its your loss.

it would be like:

BEFORE: feed – 1bone ; pet – 1 bone ; play – lose 1 bone or earn 3 bones -if you do all 3,chances are you still earn one bone per puppy.

NOW: feed – 1bone ; pet  – 1bone OR play – lose 1bone or 3 bones – depending on the buttons available, it could be your loss or gain…

Anyway, i notice that there’s a bug in the insta-care now… i tried ‘playing’ with puppies but as soon as i clicked it, if will say ” You earned 1 bone for a Neck Scratch!” ; then if you ‘pet’ them, it will say “Sorry, you lost 1 bone for a Frisbee/Ball Miss. Keep trying!”

Hope they can fix this up!



~ by thiamere on August 1, 2008.

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