the return of me blogging!


its been quite a while since i get to open my wordpress. i was caught up with lots of things that i forgot that i have a blog site. 😀

Actually i was thinking of switching to another blog site, where i can accept some ads on my page. The extra money would surely be nice, & it will motivate me to bautify my blog even more…dont you think so?

hmmm… but since i already started out my wordpress…& it already had some comments…lol!

I dunno yet..ima think about it more.

i got lots of things to rant & rave…fb applictaions, anime reviews, anime news & other personal stuff…

i’ll try  to start out tonight after my classes…. 😉 *that is if i still decided to keep my wordpress*


~ by thiamere on October 13, 2008.

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