what takes my time up…

i’ve watched lots of animes already, though not as many as you’ve probably imagined..haha

i’ve put a list of them so as i can keep a track of how many i’ve already watched. since i won’t be able to review them one by one, i might as well, just list them down & them if some ask me about my opinion on that certain anime, then that would be the time that i would just put a review…yatta!

*that sounds like a very lazy way of blogging,huh*

anyway, what have i been doing for the past couple of weeks?

well….aside fromm the fact that my job takes a lot of my time, i’ve been busy reading manga. That’s why i forgot to do some anime reviews….

Oh & one more thing, i became a part of the Yahoo! Answers

Of course, I focus on the Comics & Animation, seeing how anime-freak i am… laaahhhhh!……Drop by for a visit, most of the regular there are actually quite cool & fun to talk to.

i already stopped using the Pokey application on FB… I just hate it when i have to wait for a couple of second/minutes before i get to control my pet. although i still have it, but i just stopped using. I’ve even given my bones to some people…

But Im so into (Fluff) Friends Application. It’s so addicting that i even end up using my Paypal for it..kyaaahhh!!!!

Ill do some reviews & post pictures about Fluff friends sometime..so keep an eye XD


~ by thiamere on October 28, 2008.

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