Cardcaptor Sakura

Due to people who keep on reading my blog…(honestly,i had planned to actually stop blogging because im just so into lots of things)..about animes, i saw a couple of comments who wanted me to add information about Cardcaptor Sakura….although at first im clueless what i could write about her that people can’t find on google, i just decided to do a little review & share my opinions about the anime…

ok,here goes…

Cardcaptor Sakura had captured lots of hearts of shojo fans. Even up until now this anime’s charm is  still working among viewers of all ages.  Considered as a maho shojo classic, its about an ordinary elementary student who was able to wake up the Cerberus, on which beforehand she released the magical set of cards. Armed with the Key of the Seal, she set out to capture each & every card that is wrecking havoc.

Personally,i think what makes CCS a favorite is:

  • ART – I have to admit that in this department, CCS definitely charms the viewers. Seeing how cute she is, facial expressions & all. CLAMP’s works are really good in the art department.
  • STORYLINE – For People who are used to watching the usually maho shojo theme, where the school girl falls in love with the guy who always saves her because she is helpless, like Sailormoon & Wedding Peach, CCS is a breath of fresh air. There’s no ‘save me,my prince charming’ theme. On the story you can see how she was able to develop herself from being a naive girl to a card mistress, with some help of course.

One thing that i know about the anime is that when it was dubbed in English, lots of scenes were cut… too bad,huh? So if you are planning to give Cardcaptor Sakura a shot, you might wanna just go for the Subbed version. Anyway, i personally favor Subbed Version because they really do a good job on it.

cardcaptor sakura

cardcaptor sakura

Ok, to spice things up a bit, you might wanna go & check out Tsubasa Chronicles. They have almost the same characters….kinda like ‘grown up’ version of CCS, but of course, way different story & more serious storyline.

Im not an expert on Tsubasa Chronicles because i did not even try to read the manga. To find out more about it, just check the animes.

Ill try to do a couple more reviews if i still have the time, i have lots more anime to review…& they’re just on my drafts..i just haven’t had the time to go over them…lol…XD

ja nee!


~ by thiamere on December 24, 2008.

One Response to “Cardcaptor Sakura”

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura is my favourite anime ever!!!!!!!! Who’s your favourite character?

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