Yakitate! Japan!

Food is one of the basic things people need. Every country have their staple foods. Asian countries’ staple food is rice, & so is Japan, of course! This anime is about Japan & bread being wanted to be accepted as japan’s staple food.

For a person who dont have an idea how to bake, this anime will serve as a nice introduction for the world of baking. It shows that to be able to make good bread a baker should enjoy what he is doing..its not just about making foods to put in the stomach, but its the process of how you are making it.

While i was watching it with my brother, my little bro even said ‘i wanna bake bread too!’…haha…then he said again..’but i think ill just eat it,its easier’…lil

One thing about this anime is that you get to know lots of things …like what are the delicacy in some japanese regions. Anyway,definitely, this anime is worth checking out. It’s fun!


~ by thiamere on December 24, 2008.

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