new fascination!

Contrary to what people think of me, im not an otaku (i dont even acknowledge the american meaning of otaku to be used to describe me), i simply like anime. I have other things that occupy my time too other than anime & this time, i am so into mineral make ups.

I have been fascinated with using make ups ever since i was in college, although i did not exactly ‘indulge’ in it during that time. Blame it on the lack of money & time, but i make it a point to at least have the basic stuff with me like liner, simple eyeshadows, blushes & lip gloss.

Now that i am already an adult, i have the time & money to go for the things that i wanted to do. Im currently on the search for the best brand there is. I have researched a few brands & im already on the stage where im waiting to get my hands on something. Im not a pro at make-ups or whatever, in fact im just learning the basics of it & experimenting what works best on my features.

So from now on, I will be having 2 main topics for my blog, it will be about make ups & animes… hehehehe


~ by thiamere on January 13, 2009.

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