A colorful morning!

I have a good start for my morning, & what makes it so is the fact that I got a package waiting for me to dissect open.

Actually i woke up with the sound of our dog barking (it’s already 11:47am & im still in bed), then came the voice of my mom asking “who is it?”…then muffled voices…

By then, the fog of sleepiness is slowly lifting away & I am already becoming aware of my surrounding…like my dog lying beside me (lying on his back!)…& how the door on my room is half-opened ( i hate it when the door is open)…

& with that i drag myself out of bed to close it, then i suddenly remember that Pearl said that I will receive my CS Palette today! That gave me a start..& i rush out of my room & went straight to my mom.

Then Mom just handed me an Air21 package… my heart is pounding with excitement!

I immediately tore the blasted plastic that is hiding the treasure…then came the bubble wrap plastic…& within seconds, its all scattered on my bed (i temporarily forgot how addicted i am to popping bubble wrap!)

Then lo & behold! I am staring at the most colorful palette that i have ever laid my hands on! *sniff* *sniff*


Doesn’t it look so nice? My brushes, mascaras & curler have another buddy! Im pretty sure they will all get along, don’t you agree?

I just love opening packages!


~ by thiamere on January 17, 2009.

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