Special A

This is an additional to my short-list of favorite animes.

Special A

Special A

I like this anime. Being a shojo fan, I make it a point to have at least one or two shojos on my ‘animes-to-watch’ list. I keep on hearing that this is a good shojo but i haven’t laid my hands on it, until late last week.

When i saw that it was available, i readily paid for my loot, then head on straight home to go watching. Though i did not exactly started watching SA right away (i started with jigoku shojo), i find myself checking wiki what is the fuss in SA. I did not read everything,of course! (i dont wanna spoil the fun), just a little something so for me to have an idea what it is.

Anyway, on to the review:

Special A – its a special group, which is exclusive to selected individuals that are ranked as the highest & the most intelligent students in Hakusenkan. It is comprised of 7 individuals, that are really respected & admire mainly because of their achievement.

  • Kei Takishima – ranked number 1 . He is the son of the CEo of the Takishima Corporation, which is a very large company. He is always good at doing things & he is Hikari’s rival.
  • Hikari Hanazono – ranked number 2 . She is the daughter of a simple carpenter & her main goal is to defeat Kei.
  • Jun Yamamoto – ranked number 3 . He is the twin Brother of Megumi. He is a quiet type of person & adores Ryuu. He have an ‘inner jun’, that is the exact opposite of him, & it usually comes out whenever he is kissed.
  • Megumi Yamamoto – ranked number 4 . They (she & jun) are the children of a music producer & a talented vocalist. She refuses to speak so to preserve her voice.
  • Tadashi Karino – ranked number 5 . He is the school director’s son. He is known to love food & being free. He rides motorcycles & is always being attacked by Akira.
  • Akira Toudou – ranked number 6 . She loves having tea & have an affinity for cute girls. She loves Hikari so much that on one episode, she tries so hard to stop ‘monster Kei’ from winning, just to protect Hikari.
  • Ryuu Tsuji – ranked number 7 . He loves animals. He is mostly seen with an animal close to him. He takes care of Jun & Megumi.

Ok,that’s the gist of the character description.

On to the story, it started out with Hikari defeating other kids in Martial Arts, until in comes Kei & she was defeated in an instant. Being a kid who doesn’t give up easily, she sked for another try & from then, her burning passion to defeat Kei started. She always challenges him, which always end up with Kei being the winner in every single one of it. She hates it when Kei use the word “Miss number 2” to address her.

Kei, on the other hand, doesn’t look at her as a rival, but in fact he is in love with Hikari. He has been harboring his feelings, & doesn’t even try to hint it. He have a very cool, calm & collected exterior, even if he is stressed out from handling their family’s company & worrying about Hikari.

As a viewer, i mainly look for an interesting plot, which should have comedy on it.  While watching this, it made me “ohhhhhh…this is love”-feeling on which i only feel with my favorite animes, like lovely complex & fushigi yuugi.

The good thing is that all characters have a slice life story to tell. So,its not just Hikari & Kei, but everybody. So, a nice & happy ending for everybody.



~ by thiamere on January 19, 2009.

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  1. hello dis my comment can i get ur photo picture ?

  2. Are you asking if its ok to get the Special A pic..
    if its the pic , then feel free to copy it


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