Joppa Minerals Loot!

It finally arrived! I have been waiting for this & good thing that it’s already here. ^_^

Anyway,i got this yesterday & I’ve been meaning to post it as soon as i have it, but since the camera that i used earlier is not good, so i have to wait until i can take a good pic of it.

Mr. Postman delivered the ‘love letter’ (its a post notice yesterday while i was away on a shopping spree. When i arrived home,dad said that i have the ‘love letter’ waiting for me, meaning that i have to go to the post office to claim my stuff. So, after my class, i decided to go get it. I only have to pay for the tax, then i excitedly went home….


there ya go! inside that plastic are these:


& then to give u a better view….


So,there you have it. I was expecting 6 samples, so i was surprised when i saw that they added 2 more. how generous,huh?

Ok,i haven’t actually tried it yet, but looking at the contents & shades of the samples i think that it compliments my shade very much.

Here’s what i ‘ordered’:

  • Mineral Foundation – Full Coverage – Medium 1
  • Mineral Foundation – Soft Coverage – Medium 2
  • Finishing Silk – Medium
  • Corrector Concealer – Mint
  • Mineral Blush – Makayla
  • Mineral Blush – Serenity (blusher/bronzer)

& my freebies are:

  • Simple Radiance Foundation – Honey Bisque
  • Morning Dew Foundation/Bronzer – Sunrise

~ by thiamere on January 23, 2009.

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