Everyday Minerals haul!


My Everyday Minerals Haul already arrived… T_T

I received the notification yesterday & I’ve been itching to actually go to the Post Office to pick up my package. I usually wake up at 10-ish in the morning, but today, i make it a point to wake up early so that i can go get it asap. I don’t wanna be there after lunch because the Customs Officer is really taking his time on his lunch break. What’s up with the that?!

Anyway, as soon as i got there, i greeted the person in charge. He already knows me! hehehe…. then i do the usual. The Customs Officer had to actually inspect the package before i can take it home. Much as i hate opening it there (i love surprises,that’s why!), i have no choice. I popped the box open, & was about to remove the stickers to ‘unveil’ my treasures but the officer said “its ok, you can take it home”…..waaaahhhhh!!!!!!! I was so happy I could’ve kissed him! lol

He said if i want to, i can even leave the box right there, but i said ill take it home for i wanna take pictures.

As soon as i got home, i excitedly went about my room & opened the package. I’ll let you take a peek at it.

Here’s the box…of course!


Then these are the contents of the box..actually there are a couple more paper wraps inside when i opened it, but it didn’t matter…lol

EM invoice

EM invoice

Ok, What i actually ordered is the:


The Personal Custom Kit-Full, which includes 6 EM items, on which you can actually order any of the stuff they have, no matter what the price is. The time that i ordered i was debating if Im gonna get the Super Personal Custom Kit-Full, which includes 12 items. In the end, i just decided that i stick to the PCK (Personal Custom Kit), so that if ever im not satisfied with the products, i won’t have regrets or whatever from spending too much.

As what you can see on my Invoice, I ordered the PCK, then also a Cosmetic Cellulose Sponge, since im already paying for the shipping, i decided to also add the Free Sample Make-up Kit. Uh-huh..you read it right…

When i ordered i was able to get a discount because of the discount coupon code that i got from EM, which i think was ‘goldenglobes‘ at that time. I think i got a 7% discount & i got 2 free limited edition eyeshadows, the Matinee & After Party.

Ok,on with my rants…

Then…..*drumrolls*……..the TREASURES!

everyday minerals

everyday minerals

yay! isn’t that pretty *sniff*

Ok,ill try to separate all of it according to what i just said a while ago.

I’ll start with the PCK first.

Personal Custom Kit - Full

Personal Custom Kit - Full

My PCK is consist of 2 brushes, 2 foundations, a pressed powder & a finishing powder.

Then the Sample Kit:

Free Sample Make-up Kit

Free Sample Make-up Kit

Which includes 3 foundations, a blush & a concealer.

Then my free stuff:

free eyeshadows from EM ^_^

free eyeshadows from EM ^_^

Actually on the pic, the eyeshadows are free, but i included the cosmetic sponge too….

The eyeshadows are said to be limited. First is the After Party, which got a golden taupe shimmer (it looks so pretty!), then the Matinee, which is a purple shimmer (also gorgeous!). I’ll do some swatches sometime… & also reviews after a couple of days.

For those who are interested about the shipping details, you can just leave a comment here & ill try to answer it as much as i can.




~ by thiamere on January 29, 2009.

31 Responses to “Everyday Minerals haul!”

  1. whew jem! what a great stuff you got in there! I love to order too but i dunno what to order yet. I’ll see you soon and teach me how ok?


  2. where did you have to pick up the package? and how long did it take? hehe 🙂

    • hiya sis! ^_^

      i ordered january 12 of this year & the notification from the philpost arrived january 28. So, its 16 days. I just choose the USPS first class priority mail. & considering that im in the Philippines, i think that’s not bad at all.

      Just like what i said on my entry, i have to go to the post office (the nearest post office to your place), pay the tax that was charged & pick up my package.

  3. 16 days?! wow that’s pretty good. cause i’m from the philippines too, and i really really want to order but i’m not sure if it’s worth it. how much did you have to pay for shipping? 🙂

  4. i think so too ^_^

    I paid $10.65 for the shipping. If you are going to buy it now i think the current discount code is “winner”, for which you will receive 5% discount if you order above $23 & the Golden Globe Eye Palette as a gift.

    Though if you wanted to get your hands on the brushes, mainly the Flat top brush (which is really good), then you would have to wait until Feb 18 for them to restock it.

    I will do a review on the EM haul that i got after a couple of days. i would just like to test it first to see if its really good or not. You can check back after a couple of days (5days at most) if you want to.

    Hope you’ll have a great week!


  5. Hi! I am planning to order from EDM, too =) But I’d like to ask first, how did the post office notify you about your package? Did you receive a letter or something? And about how much was the tax?

    I’m actually excited about their brushes, i’ve read good reviews about them. =D

    And oh if you don’t mind, can you please describe your skintone? I noticed you ordered diff shades of foundation. I also want to get some base but I’m still not sure what’s the best shade for me.. My skin’s kind of yellow and light but not too fair. Maybe like a kim chiu kind of color. I hope you know her. I don’t know anyone else that I can compare my shade with eh. lol.

    Thanks a lot! =)

  6. I received a notification card from the mailman informing me that i have a package waiting for me to be picked up. You will receive that card too if there is any registered packages for you.
    Unregistered packages are delivered straight to your house…(but i dont recommend it…aside from the fact that it takes weeks…like i waited almost a month..there is a high risk that your package will get lost!)

    yeah..too bad for me because when i ordered the angle brush is out of stock… T_T

    The good thing about EM is that most of the tones that belongs in the warm & olive categories mostly suits asian skin tone. Would you believe that all the foundations that i ordered actually disappears on my skin?!…

    how cool is that?

    I kinda have a fair skin too. so that you would have an idea, visit my beauty blog:
    i posted a picture of me..hope that it would help.

    compare to my ellana minerals, i prefer EM better.

    if you got a few more queries, drop by on my beauty blog….
    i tend to hang out there more compare to here…
    hope to see you there!


  7. hi! I wanted to just leave you a msg on your other blog but I don’t have an LJ account. =D

    So I thought I’ll just ask here.. RE: the EDM package you got. what was the tax charged at the post office that you paid for? and how much was it? Thanks! =)

  8. sure…no problem..
    & with that in mind..ill try to put a chatbox on my beauty blog.
    thanks for that!

    im not sure what type of tax i paid…
    but don’t worry, its not that much..
    you will only have to pay P35 (which is less than a dollar)…I even got a package before that is bigger than a shoebox..(make that a shoebox & a half) & i still paid the same amount!

    the box that you will receive is not that big, but be sure that when you drop by at the post office you bring a bag or something that you could put that box into.

  9. alright! thanks so much you’ve really helped a lot! I will be placing my order now in EDM. I’m excited!

    • that’s great to know..

      best of luck to you!
      don’t forget the free sample…
      it comes in handy…

      please also visit my beauty blog too!


  10. Hello thiamere,

    Thank you for your post. Very helpful to find posts like this one esp. its my first time to order online from EDM. =)

    Anyways, do I have to have a Postal ID to get the package from the post office?


  11. that’s great!glad to know i help others…

    i thought so too..
    that’s why when i transferred my beauty blog i still did not erase this post since i this is more popular.. XD

    Actually i do have a postal ID but as far as i remember you can just bring any valid id to claim your packages…Its better to befriend the person in charge of customs…so that when you have to pick packages again you don’t need to bring any id at all..lol

    AH!i remember now…
    the tax that i paid for..the P35 was for the customs duties…

    please also visit my beauty blog

  12. Thanks Thiamere. =) I’m already checking your blogspot..hehe.

    Anyways, in purchasing online from Everyday Minerals, can we opt to have the package sent to us registered or unregistered? I had mine sent via USPS (First Class Mail International Package). Will I receive a notification card for this?

  13. uhhh…
    that’s the thing..i can’t remember if there is choice for unregistered or registered..
    but i would personally just go for registered packages. Its safer that way.

    Its just that there’s one time that i ordered on StrawberryNET & i choose unregistered.
    For my past purchases i always choose the registered one but because i heard that if you choose the unregistered one it will be delivered straight to your house, so i wanted to try it. (& to think StrawberryNET’s office is just in hongkong…its very near)

    Normally the time that i wait for my packages to arrive (from strawberrynet) is 2 weeks at the most….but when i choose the unregistered one, its already 3 weeks & i still did not receive it..i am already getting worried sick at that time….after 4 weeks (almost a month!) i receieved a notification card from the post office…
    i immediately went there to see if it is my strawberrynet haul..& by gosh, it is!

    After being worried sick for weeks..i was finally able to have it that i did not even care if it wasn’t delivered straight to my house..& from then on, i said to myself that i wont ever choose unregistered ever again…lol

    Ok,thats was long!..lol
    if you choose the registered one then you will receive the notification card from philpost…if its unregistered you just have to wait until its delivered to your house..but in my case i still went to the post office… XD


  14. Great! Thanks much Thiamere. =)

  15. anytime,sweetie!

  16. hellO! I was searching for discount codes for EDM and google brought me to ur site! Haha… Looking at ur pics, i cant wait to get mine too! Im planning to get the free sample kit and the personal custom kit too! But I cant find any discount codes. 😦 Do u have any idea what code will work now?

  17. wow!
    didnt know that my wordpress account is that popular…hehe
    i hope my blogger account would be too…lol

    anyways, you can actually know what the latest discount code is if you go to the COMMUNITY section then click the SPECIALS..that is where they post the discount code..

    Sadly as of now they don’t have any discount code… 😦

    I browsed around the EMforum just now to see if there are…
    i just saw one…although im not actually sure if it will work seeing as they didnt post it on the specials section..
    try the word “egsprap” according to it, it is “buy one get one 50%” code….
    i just found it here:

    if it doesn’t work then i guess you can just wait until they have posted a new discount code

    Hope that’ll work for you!

  18. Boo, it didn’t work… U’ve been really helpful though! 🙂 I think i’ll just wait for them to post the next discount code before ordering. Need to save all i can cause i’m afraid that my shipping cost will be very high. I live in Singapore. 🙂

    oh, btw, y did u choose to ship via USPS first class priority mail and not DHL/FedEx? Is it cheaper or more reliable? Dont know which route i should choose, my first time ordering stuff online myself… Hehe…

  19. awww…too bad..
    i guess next month or maybe after 2 weeks they’ll post a discount code
    *crosses fingers*

    its just that i know that dhl or fedex would cost a lot..maybe even double the amount..
    i read it over one blog that one blogger decided to order at EM too & was about to choose a courier service but then it cost around $50+ (which is ridiculous!!!!)

    so since im a “penny-pincher”..haha..i could not let my money go to waste..not with the current state of economy we are in…so i just choose the priority mail.

    actually when i ordered on EM, it was also my first time to do online shopping…
    if you know somebody in your country who do online shopping ask for info on how many days the package will take to arrive…

    although mine arrive 2 weeks or so, but it might differ in your country..
    also ask about the tax..
    because it will differ country by country..

    just like in canada..i think if they are to pick up a package they have to pay like $10+…(which i think is pretty high)

    i hate wasting money…lol XD

    if you have the time please drop by on my beauty blog.
    i would really appreciate it

  20. sure! and thanks for all the help!! 🙂

  21. no problem,hun

    its my pleasure!

  22. hi thiamere! you’re in GT as well right?
    anyway, just want to ask which Post Office you’re using. Is it the one in QC? Ordered from EM as well and they charged me P35, but that’s the sample kit only. They charged P35 again for my Aromaleigh and Joppa purchases. I want to get the $50 kit from EM now but I’m worried that the QCPO will charge me more than P35.

  23. sorry if im not able to reply back asap…
    i was on vacation..hehe

    i think you will be charged the same amount..

    i use the post office in caloocan city. i ordered from StrawberryNET before which amounts for more than $70 but i still paid P35…so i guess you will still pay the same amount even if you ordered the full kit

    if im not mistaken, based on the person that i always talk to whenever i pick my packages, the maximum amount that you will pay in the PO is only Php75 (i guess that will be for the big Balikbayan Boxes…)

  24. thanks for the rep!
    some POs charge more than P35, esp if packages cost $50 or more (including shipping). Some PO/Customs ‘crocs’ charge 50% of the total cost of the package.
    I’ll have my orders shipped to a friend in Caloocan, to be sure.
    thanks again

  25. yeah..i think i remember the guy saying something like that too…
    but i think mostly you will see that in the box itself, the company who sends the product reduces the amount compare to the real price…like one time i ordered its $55 but on the box it just says that its $43…haha…

    of course because they too would have to pay taxes if they are going to ship products of higher value..

    Anyway, you will see it on the notification card how much you will be paying…so that you have an idea how much you would be bringing with you when you pick it up.

  26. hey just askin i go to EM site to order some of their product but i ddint know were i should ship it coz there is no phil. in thier shipping can you help me ?

  27. and how will you pay that ? tnx hope youll reply 🙂

  28. @phao
    EDM son’t ship to the philippines anymore. they stopped shipping because most of the time the parcels are lost.

    if you really want to be able to get some, then asked a friend who is living in the US or try to findsome people at makeup alley to swap with

    you can visit me on my other blog:

  29. please send me your free sample so that i can check is it suits me or not i want to use it before purchage please give me positive response thanks

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