rants & ramblings

Since my blog has been focused on 2 main topics, im having a hard time what should i be writing about first.

As of now, i have an aspirin mask on my face (& it itches..grrrr…but as what some people say, the road to beauty is no easy task..lol) while watching One Piece….

Before long,i decided that i will do a review on Mermaid Melody, but since i can’t find a good pic (yes,im picky!), i don’t feel like posting it yet…

I also have a draft about the Fushigi Yuugi OVA’s…which i totally adore…but i can’t seem to find words to use to describe such a great love story. But i will post it….its just that laziness is taking over me (as always!)

I love shojos, i guess its because when i was still in my early teens, im used to reading romance paperbacks. I love the feeling gushing over me because the heroine was saved by her prince. I am a hopeless romantic. I will go “kyyyaaaahhhhh!!!!!that’s so romantic!” with matching sparkling eyes.

I have some animes that i haven’t watched yet & is planning to watch..(though god knows when ill be able to watch it)…

My brother is currently watching Hunter X Hunter (which i also love) & so is my little brother….our little brother always watches what we watches….a copycat..lol!

Anyway…that’s it…



~ by thiamere on January 31, 2009.

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