i can’t stop my tears from flowing….One Piece Episode 312 is so heart-wrenchingly-sad….i just gotta say it here…


Before i actually reached episode 312, i already put the song Dear Friends by Triplane to my player. I think that its an awesome song….a while ago,when i heard it again,i remembered every scene on that episode. To think that i just watched it once….

Actually I started getting teary-eyed, the moment that Merry was calling them. Usopp being the first one to hear Merry…then Luffy….& everybody….

Ok, whoever said that One Piece is a kiddie show?
is it because of the art? is it because Luffy always got that big grin?Is it because of the unproportioned characters?

I personally think that those stuff makes One Piece a very unique anime.

& only One Piece & Fushigi Yuugi had made me cry…..

For those who wanted action, comedy, adventure, friendship, hope, etc. then One Piece is the anime for you.


~ by thiamere on February 2, 2009.

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