Everyday Minerals Review

As soon as i got my EM package, i decided to put it on asap. I wanted to know how ‘good’ it really is. I also wanted to test it out further before i give a really detailed review on it.& i mean detailed..this is gonna be long…

Ok,so upon putting it on my face (the first time), i like how light it feels. For all people out there who are mineral make up users, i know that you know what im saying. I’ve tried twin cake powders & also liquid foundations & those two actually make my face ‘heavy’, or maybe its just that i haven’t found my perfect mate for those.

I included a sample image of the shades.
i did not actually do some swatches because not only do i have uneven skin tone, but i thought that it would be better if you can see the actual shade against a white background yourself (knowing that everybody have a different tone).Anyways, I’ll give you the gist of what i ordered:

Mineral Foundations & Finishing Powder :
GM – Olive – Golden Medium
BT – Warm – Buttered Tan
SB – Soft Bronze – Start to Finish Rice Powder
L – Golden – Light
N – Olive – Neutral
FS – Buff – Fairly Summer

EM foundations

EM foundations

Ok, ill go first to the foundations. Being an asian, I find it a bit hard to actually look for a foundation that will bring out the best in me. I have a very oily skin, enlarged pores & i perspire a lot (& i mean it..a lot!), so its really hard to look for a foundation that will be my best buddy. I guess that’s why i prefer mineral make-ups because the staying power of it is really long & it feels so light on my skin.

I have an oily skin that’s why i only have the Intensive Coverage, it works for a couple of hours. Then afterwards, if i don’t feel like touching up, ill just use an oil film & everything is still fine.

One thing that i like about it is that it stays put, if i applied it before i go out (of course!) lets say at around early noon…after a couple of hours having fun & sweating a lot, i’d go home in the evening & remove my make up. You will see how the foundation is still on your skin. As soon as you use a make-up remover, wipe it on your cheeks, the white tissue will immediately show you that the foundation is still indeed intact… (hmm..is this a good way to show u the staying power?..).. As what i said, i perspire a lot, that’s why im having a hard time looking for a good foundation, because normally a pressed foundation will just stay on my skin for like a maximum of 3hrs. With me constantly wiping my face off, it will just rub off. But with EM, its there…I dunno how it does that, but whatever that is, Im happy…

As what you probably notice on my list, i have the Olive, Buff, Warm & Golden foundation category. & what i have i think are actually suited for Asian skin, which are mostly on the Medium tones. Im quite happy with my Buttered Tan & Golden Medium & I find myself almost always reaching for it every now & then ( i haven’t even tried my Joppa samples).

For the Finishing Powder, as what you can see on the image, the texture of it is different than the foundations. Im pretty sure everyone is familiar with the texture of a powder foundation, but the finishing powder have that ‘cornstarch-y’ feel to it. I guess that’s how rice powder really feels…It’s so messy because its more loose compare to the foundations. I like how this sets my whole make-ups.

This is the blush & concealer:

all smiles & intensive medium

all smiles & intensive medium

Blush (All Smiles) & the Concealer (Intensive Medium) – I love my Blush sample – it gives that nice touch of color to my cheeks, without the very heavy blush color.  I use this especially when im wearing a very dramatic eye color, just to give it a hint of color & it works really nice. It got that peachy pink shade that’s perfect for giving that healthy glow. I love this shade…if im gonna order again, ill be getting this one.

As for the concealer,it’s ok.  Works fine, though not the best one for me.

I love my free eyeshadow (although i haven’t actually used it yet), here is a swatch of it (i even zoomed it), i just put an eye primer (Elianto eye primer) to make the colors stand out. The purple one is the Matinee & the plum is the After Party….

matinee & afterparty swatches

matinee & afterparty swatches

After much story….this is what i can say

Good Points:
-sits on your skin really long
-feels light on the skin
-can be applied wet or dry
-not available in the department stores
Bad Points:
-can only be ordered online

As for the brushes (especially the Buff Brush) …I was really looking forward to this the most, seeing as how bloggers say that this is the Holy Grail.

buff brush & long handled kabuki

buff brush & long handled kabuki

Personally i think it’s a great brush, but not to the extent that i would actually consider it as a HG.

Just like everybody, i tend to favor the Buffer Brush compare to the Long Kabuki Brush. They’re both very soft. The Buff brush does a good job in buffing, I find it using it every now & then, but i still favor my good ‘ol trusty large Kabuki brush. It’s just that i personally prefer a brush that is a little .I guess because i can feel that it is doing a better job in spreading the product onto my face.

The Long handled kabuki sheds a little, maybe because i tried to use it before i wash it, but after washing it, i don’t have any problems at all. The Buff brush just shed a hair or two…no major problem after washing the brushes.

The Cosmetic Sponge works just like all the other sponges out there…so nothing special. Im kinda regretting getting this…i don’t know..because its just so…small..?… *shrugs shoulder*

Will i buy it again? definitely….im very satisfied with it.

Thiamere ratings will be 4.5 points out of 5


~ by thiamere on February 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “Everyday Minerals Review”

  1. Hello there,

    I’m impressed with the reviews i have seen so far..thanks so much! Is it a good idea to go ahead and order the sample kit without being too worried about the shipping charges as i live in India… pls help

    • im sorry if im not able to reply back. i was on vacation…

      i think the shipping is not that high compare to others like coastal scents…as what i said on my other post..if you know one blogger who lives in the same country with you & has ordered in EM then feel free to ask them..
      because there might be a possibility that the shipping charge that i was charged might be different with what you will be charged…
      & also make sure you have an idea about the tax that you will be paying once you received your package

  2. Hey…
    thanks for your response…What tax are we referring to? I thought we only had to bear the shipping charges?


  3. hi! im from the philippines as well. where do you usually buy everyday minerals? how much do you usually buy it? i have oily skin and i perspire a lot too. i think its due to my post tane experience. 😦

  4. hi,cecy!
    i brought mine straight from Everyday minerals…

    i think you can find a couple EM items on Ebay though

    then, there is one seller in multiply who actually order straight from US too
    you can order from them.here is the site:


  5. I just ordered from Everyday Minerals for the first time today :). I went right into buying the full size stuff,instead of the sample kit. I couldn’t help myself!…How long did it take for shipping? I payed $6 for priority. It will be shipped to my street address. How long did it take for you to get your stuff?

    Thanxx :),

    • awwww…really?
      i thought Everyday Minerals stopped shipping here in the Philippines?!

      anyway, before when i ordered it took 2 weeks

  6. Sry for writing offtopic but what WP template are you using? It looks awesome.

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