Fushigi Yuugi ONI

fushigi yuugi

fushigi yuugi

I love Fushigi Yuugi….& of course, i wouldn’t pass up on watching the OVA. As what i keep on saying only FY is the shojo that had made me cry & it’s mainly because of the OVA. I know that OVA’s are not really based from the original story itself, as what the letters stand for,its an adaptation.

Actually i can’t understand why people kept on saying that OVA’s & animes are just merely a shadow of the manga (literally it is!..hehe). I believe that any form of art have their own identity.  So even if they were just adapted from manga, they have their own charms…It’s just that… *shrugs shoulder*

Nevertheless, FY OVA had my tears flowing. On the part where Hotohori is able to embrace his own by Tama’s body. It’s just so touching.

The FY OVA is separated in two parts, the Eikoden & Oni.

I’ll go first with the ONI, since this is what made me cry… 😥

fushigi yuugi

fushigi yuugi

oh shoot…i can’t find a nice FY Oni pic…’sumimasen,mina-san’… ;(

The story begins with Miaka & Tamahome in a train & they are on their way to visit Takiko’s grave. Upon reaching it, Tamahome heard someone calling him & when they reached the grave, Tamahome just disappeared.  Miaka of course went berserk, & tamahome was sent back to the book. With some twists & turns, tamahome ended up being Nakago. & from then, the adventures began once again…..

What i like about ONI is that Miaka is much mature than in the series, which definitely suits her because of how the series ended, with her being the top notcher student & all. The love betwen the two of them has become mature too, not the type that ‘ill give up the world just to be with you’.

Uh oh…looks like this blog is gonna be long…so i’ll just make another one about FY EIKODEN.

Ok,back to what i was saying….I was clearly touched when Miaka was on her knees crying to Taitskun saying “if this is what i need to do to be an adult, then i don’t wanna be an adult anymore” -or something like that… You can feel that she is really hurting with it, plus the background music which makes this oh so sad… ;(

But then again, being a story about everlasting love, Tamahome is able to find a way to go back to Miaka. He was born to Miaka’s world as Taka so that he will be able to actually exist in her world & not just some character in the book, but he doesn’t have an inkling of his memory as Tamahome whatsoever.

Doesn’t end that way, one evil entity is still out…So miaka & taka was transported to the book once more & this time, they need to find Taka’s memory jewel so that they can form the Suzaku seven again.

Ok,ill not spoil the rest of the story for you,guys….

Overall,i think its a great OVA. Different from the series, but in a way, its still it, not just because of the art….but because of how it was done. I think its actually good. It’s making me watch it over & over…& i never get tired of it (but i don’t watch it everyday!..lol). So, out of all the shojo animes out there, FY is still the number one for me. It has been around since mid-90’s i think, i have watched a couple of other shojos, but nothing beats FY ;D



~ by thiamere on February 6, 2009.

42 Responses to “Fushigi Yuugi ONI”

  1. i i really love watching FY coz
    every words of the characters most especially tamahome and miaka
    indeed inculcated in my mind

    really inpires me
    and it teach me how to be strong
    and how to face trials…

  2. love indeed conquers it all!!!!!

    the relationship of tamahome and
    miaka showcases that
    love can do everything
    even if it is out of reality
    love can push a person to make sacrifices……

  3. yeah, i really thought i’m the only one who loves this f.y. so much… for almost a decade, i’ve met some who likes it, but i don’t think they love it the way i do……… Aarrrrgh!!! anyway, it’s really nice to know that i’m not alone…. 😉

  4. ..haha, I have friends pala here! ..I loove F.Y a lot! The story is really good.. It inspires me.. Yuu Watase is great:) the characters are cool! esp. Tamahome and Tasuki;),and the soundtrack is nice too!

  5. Me encanta es una serie de lo mas curriosa i entretenida para mi ^^ gracias

  6. it’s good to know that there are people out there who loves fushigi yuugi as much as i do!
    but i just want to understand some things.. on the Ova 1 (oni), how did tamahome get out of the book? in the last episode of fushigi yuugi (not the ova) he returned to his own world.. i hope u could help me. the OVA’s are sad, yet touching.

    • this is just my opinion…

      on the Ova 1 (oni), how did tamahome get out of the book?in the last episode of fushigi yuugi (not the ova) he returned to his own world.
      -if you watched the ending of the series..right after the song there was a scene where yui, keisuke & miaka were walking & keisuke was narrating about the guy that he knew who was actually tamahome. the guy (tamahome) held his hand up & showed his ring.
      i guess its really just because of their love that’s why he is able to cross the real world…

      if you want to, watch this vid up until the last:

      i hope this is what you are asking..

  7. i love hotohori…

  8. I love Tamahome he is so cute
    and nice.
    When I marry I will a man like Tamahome.
    Nuriko is so cool I like him/her.

  9. haha!
    i so totally understand…
    everyone is amazing,neh?

  10. fushigi yugi is one of the best anime that i had ever seen..

  11. fushigi yugi is one of the best anime that i had ever seen..

  12. gsto ko tlaga ang fushigi yuugi khit umpisa p lng eh… cnubaybayan ko ito hnggaang sa ktapusan bsta i love fushigi yuugi

  13. super gwapo tlga ni tamahome at ang ganda ni myaka..sana kasama q na l;ang cla….

  14. i am too. ilove fushigi yuugi

  15. i am very proud of fushigi yuugi see yeah

  16. i really love fushigi yuugi

  17. fushigi yuugi is no.1 anime here.

  18. i love fushigi yuugi i watch it everyday

  19. i love fushigi yuugi i watc it everyday

  20. hiu

  21. its so nice I want to watch it over and over aagain

  22. i love tamahome

  23. i love watching fushigi yuugi i already finish the season 1 and season 2

    i hope it will have season 3…

  24. good

  25. i luv Nuriko da best

  26. ganda talaga ng fushigi yuugi sana ulitin

  27. i love fushigi yuugi & everyone becouse so baeutyfull story and ilove tamahome becouse she is so handsoa ilove it……. thanks i love u tamahome 🙂

    • ilove fushigi yuugi &everane becouse so baeutyfull story and i love tamahoma becouse she is so handsome i love u it……..thanks!….i love u tamahome 🙂 😉

  28. i love fushigi yuugi!!!!!

  29. i love that anime

  30. i love f.y.

  31. its so very i enjoy to watthing fushigi yuugi love you

  32. kung may 220 lang na tamahome pa2 alipin aq xa kania ahaha super sweet at gentleman

  33. ingit aq kay miaka ahuhuh

  34. i love it so much.,.,!!when my classm8 introduce this anime 2 me.,.i really doubt about it if im going to like it.,.but when i started it.,i cant help myself to keep watching it,.,gosh,.,i really love it.,..i dont know how tamahome apeard at miaka’s world as a human.,but well,.,amazing,..xooooooooooo love it!!

  35. Favorite your beautiful fushigi yugi only

  36. Send picture favorite your fushigi yugi 🙂 :*

  37. Simula plng nung napanood ko ung fushigi yuugi nagustuhan ko dahil
    mayrong halong katatawanan at mayrong nakakakilig.., Grabe na’to nd par
    ako nag sasawa sa palabas na yon! Dati sa channel 5 pinalabas yun ehh.
    nung ending na pinanood ko pa youutube ung fushigi yuugi ova1 hanggang
    3 pero ang pinakagusto ko sa ova na un ay ang ova2 dahil napanood ko
    ung nakakakilig na moment nina tasuki at miaka sa ova 2 pero bagay cna miaka at tamahome ang pinaka gusto kong tagapagtanggaol sakanilang7
    ay c Tasuki talaga pero nd ko alam kung bakit nagustuhan ko pa c
    Tasuki! nd un dahilan sa pagiging pinuno ni

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