San San Cream Shadow

san san eyeshadow trio 01

san san eyeshadow trio 01

I love emphasizing my eyes, which means i go for bold & dramatic eye make-up even if bf doesn’t like it…hehe…so, to make my eye make up stand out i make it a point to actually put a cream shadow as a base so that the eyeshadow will ‘stick’ to my lids.

I’ve been meaning to buy the Revlon Illuminance Shadow before but…*shrugs shoulder*…there are some times when i don’t wanna spend that much money…hehehe…told ya,im a bargain hunter…that’s why i always check Ebay… & i do buy local products too! ^_^

Anyway, I was on my way home one day when i just decided to check out HBC on impulse…since there are no people inside it, i went in & just ask the lady if they have a cream shadow. Then she showed me the testers & i saw this very cute shade of shadow. I asked how much was it & she said it’s just P100 (which is roughly around $2.50). There are actually 3 shades of it, but i just decided to buy 1 since im just using this as a base. So i brought it & im actually happy because its so cheap, i don’t have to shed out $13 dollars for the Illuminance Shadow…hehe *evil grin*

I immediately tested it out as soon as i got home & im thrilled by it. The color payoff is actually really nice. It got that satin sheen to it & it looks so pretty. The applicators are not foam applicators, it’s sponge. I like sponge tip applicators, it’s really good for smudging lines. I actually prefer it than a pencil brush.

I think this is a pretty good buy for the price. & it says that its an age defense…

on the side note, its a bit chunky, but i have found a solution to it…heat it up with a hair dryer. i dunno why, but i guess the heat from it will help breaks down the particles..?i dunno,but that works for me..



~ by thiamere on February 9, 2009.

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