Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl

Girl meets Girl

Girl meets Girl

I recently finished this anime & i had mixed feelings. It’s about Hazumu, a boy, who was killed when a spaceship landed straight at him. The ‘aliens’ gave him another body..but not a male body..but a female body!

Hazumu confessed to Yasuna before he became a girl that he likes her, but Yasuna, who is suffering from a weird psychological disease wherein she can’t see men, have to reject the confession even if she likes Hazumu. On the other hand, Hzumu’s childhood friend, Tomari, who acts a bit tomboyish, had been harboring a long feeling of love for him. So, in short…a love triangle…

What is my thought about this?……a little annoyed, disappointed, but i do understand the situation…you ever get the feeling of wanting to bang the character’s head just to knock some sense on him… *shrugs*

& anyway, im  not into Yuri’s so its also not my cup of tea….


~ by thiamere on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl”

  1. I think this is an interesting idea. I would love to watch this anime movie.

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