A romance anime that focuses on the guy….seriously?!

Yeah…i was surprised when i watched this anime & found out that the main story actually revolves around Akitsuki Yamato, who transferred to Tokyo to study. When he passed by his new school he saw a girl who is doing a high jump & fell in love that instant.

Upon arriving to his aunt’s dormitory, he learned that that girl is actually his neighbor! Then on his first day in school a childhood friend, who had a long time crush on him approaches him & began talking to him….with that the extraordinarily common romance story began…

Why did i said extraordinary if its common?…you think im nuts,huh? XD

Its because as what i said this anime focuses on the guy. It gives the viewers (especially females) an idea that not only girls get clueless about relationships…

That also guys are prone to misjudgement & misunderstanding. We girls always say “he doesn’t give a d*mn about what i feel!”…but have we ever thought “does he actually understand what i mean?”….

Im a girl…& i know that for us ladies, we find some guys so insensitive…that often times that resulted in misunderstanding… It just dawned on me that we are all the same…There’s no “im a girl,YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I WANT!” in a relationship….

Wow! Where did that all come from?…From watching Suzuka…it just give me a clearer understanding about men & relationships….for those girls out there who are interested in knowing how guys think i guess this anime is worth checking out!



~ by thiamere on February 25, 2009.

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