itazura na kiss

itazura na kiss

itazura na kiss

Was down with theflu for the past couple of days thats why im not able to post anything…but now im slowly regaining my energy back..thank god for that..i hate being sick..makes me a crybaby…Last anime that i watched is Itazura na Kiss….

Love at first sight…First love never dies…

This is what the anime is all about. ..Its a pure shojo anime..nothing with fantasy or adventures..just plain old romance..

Kotoko is so totally inlove with Naoki, from the time she entered high school up until fate played with her that she ends up living in Naoki’s house. Of course, being a shojo anime, they have to end up together.

Again, i’ll not go into details. I like shojo, but i never did took a favor of this one. It’s too girly & just like what most modern women think of, its not morally right to ensalve yourself with a man. ..i don’t know…i guess its just me..but i never did enjoy this one..

I sticked around to watch this because of Naoki’s mom…I find her very hilarious & cool…& everytime she is shown, she will do something fun.

Anyway, for people who is into first love & undying sort of love they will surely enjoy this.


~ by thiamere on March 13, 2009.

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