I recently finished watching Sola & it reminded me a lot of Kanon. As soon as I went online & did a little research I found out that it was actually made by Naoki Hisaya who made Kanon…so there….for people who appreciated Kanon, then i guess you you would like this anime.

Sola is an anime that is about Yaka…according to the anime Yaka’s are known to be the “woe of the night”, sort of like a monster that have an eternal life…born from people’s fear & pain, hence they are meant to be alone.

Much like Kanon, it started with a setting of an ordinary life. Yorito, a boy who loves to take pictures of the sky, saw Matsuri in front of the vending machine kicking it because the juice that she brought was stuck inside.

The story evolves from an ordinary setting to something that is mixed with supernatural. Up until the end that Yorito discovers a secret about himself & his sister.

It’s a short anime…a mere 13 episodes…though i must say that it didn’t leave me with a heavy heart unlike Kanon. Although, just like the first anime, there would be death, but its something that makes it all the more touching…

I can’t actually say that i like this anime..but i don’t hate it either…

At least at the end of every episode it was able to keep me in suspense so i was able to easily finish it.

If you like Kanon, then check Sola.

Im sure you’ll like it better. Since for me, i like this one better….


~ by thiamere on March 29, 2009.

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