Prince of Tennis OVA (nationals)

prince of tennis

prince of tennis

Today i finished watching the Prince of Tennis OVAs. For people who have been following my blog, they would know that Prince of Tennis is one of my  favorite anime. I still have to wait for a couple more weeks to complete my collection though…I was just able to finish it thanks to youtube… XD

So what exactly are my thoughts over it?

The last episode that i watched OVA 19 on which Ryoma played with Kintaro (i like that character!)…so yesterday i was able to finally watch from OVA 20 until the last one which is OVA 26. Prior to that I read the manga up until the end…on which i dunno if its actually a good idea or not, but made me not appreciate the OVAs. Not that i don’t like…but in some ways i just felt that the OVAs made the story fast.

I was hoping that they would be ble to actually explain & give details on the ‘battles’ (yes, i used the word battle because that is what the final match is…its not a game), but much to my annoyance it lacks something…

Take for example the first match, Tezuka vs Sanada. When i read the manga…(or more like after reading it), i thought its a bit vague..i mean you don’t get to see the actual motion, that is… I was used to watching anime so i want action!!! i wanna see them actually doing it… So i was like “im pretty sure this will be amazing in OVA’s…on the manga they try to give as much details as they can, but of course its just panel by panel so its limited, whereas for the anime, i think they can give out the actual details, but they didn’t….

*Spoiler ahead*

Tezuka’s arm is all red & swollen, whereas both of  Sanada’s legs are red & swollen too…Although they try to explain why its so, but its…i dunno…its not satisfying enough… I guess its just me…but i feel that its because they packed one match in one OVA that’s why they are not able to execute it as beautifully as its supposed to be… It’s supposed to be dramatic..with Tezuka sacrificing his arm again for the sake of Seigaku..but it lacks that special something.

At least on Ryoma’s match they were able to give life to it (because its 2 episode so they can go into details)…although still not quite…for some reason i still prefer the match that he had with seems more dramatic!…or maybe its just me..maybe im just that besotted female who loves dramatic stuff… XD

Im not saying that its bad….im just saying that i think it could be improved further if they added more.

For people who have read the manga, there’s no difference at the ending at all…which is good, considering that months ago i keep on seeing questions on Yahoo! Answer saying that Ryoma died at the ending….

So, make sure that you do watch it! 🙂


a friend of mine once said that Prince of Tennis manga will have a continuation. if that’s the case then hurray to people who reads the manga!


~ by thiamere on April 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Prince of Tennis OVA (nationals)”

  1. nope.. as i read some sites in the internet– he didnt die or someting else.. maybe they’re just misunderstood wat Momo says that HE ” NEEDS TO GO” which he meant go to the US for his game in preliminary game and become a PRO.. and come to think of if,, if he dies the story would be dramatic–out of line.. coz the theme of the story or anime is about the game.. a good game–never loses, smart tactics and etc. if he’ll die thats out of the story which will destroy the flow of the story.. or mean to say next gen of the story.. am i right?? and why would he die in the ending?? will somebody/someone’s gonna kill him?? nope!! and there’s still no ending for this manga-anime thing.. so why would he die?? MADA MADA DANE.. as he always say.. its a never ending story so yeah.. we’re waiting to watch it again..

  2. I will love to talk to you about Prince of Tennis. You seem to be a big Prince of Tennis fan and I LOVE IT. Obsessed to a point of death.

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