School Days

school days

school days

Sorry if i’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks (months)..i’ve been so busy with my beauty blog that i’ve neglected my anime blog XD…Anyway, the last anime that i’ve finished is this…Actually i just finished this a few hours ago…

We all know that to be unfaithful when you are in a relationship is a NO-NO…

This anime says it all!

Actually im having mixed emotions after watching it…I mostly feel disturbed for the underlying message of the story is very clear..nothing good ever came out of cheating. Though in the story, the main character had to have a horrible ending, that is by him dying…

I’ll not spoil the story, but suffice to say, this anime have a good story. It makes the viewer realize how fragile a girl’s feelings are… How sensitive & emotional a girl can get…That’s why it’s very easy for us to get hurt….

Will i recommend it? Hmmm…For people who like to watch real life drama, then they can..but for those who don’t like disturbing story, then you can miss this…nothing special about it..

Actually i thought that this would be more of a happy story since the title is ‘school days”’but then… *shrugs shoulder*

For those who have watched this anime…what are your reactions?

Care to share?


~ by thiamere on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “School Days”

  1. well.,at first.,. its look like a simple story.,but when i finish watching it.,.i’m shock of the ending.,.i cant sleep well that night.,., i cant imagine how those girls love the guy and end up killing the guy(i cant remember the guys name)by saionji…gosh…but good gob .,. i learn a very important lesson,.. like it,.

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