Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden

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Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden

Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden

This is the other OVA for the Fushigi Yuugi. I did a review on FY ONI a couple of days ago, so you might wanna check it out.

Hmmm….actually i think this OVA is irrelevant. I know it got a couple of common characters, but its just not Fushigi Yuugi…maybe im just being clouded with the fact that i like FY so much that i can’t seem to like it. But needless to say that i did not took a favor on this one.

The story revolves around Mayu, who is a student at which Taka ( i think)  & Miaka’s brother is teaching at.  Mayu got a hold of the book & was transported to the empire of Conan. Miaka,already pregnant, & Taka (tamahome) are already married at that time when Miaka suddenly lost consciousness & what’s more she seems to have lost her baby. From then on,the adventures began…

Ill not spoil the story for you if you wanna check it out, but i just dont like it. Sure you still see the old characters, but not that much. Plus the effect…its more of a CG than the usual animation.

If you don’t mind watching CG’s (not all of them,don’t worry) in a classic anime, then go ahead…but if you don’t like it, then i suggest that you don’t watch it all. It might spoil some FY moments for you. Anyway, its not something that is a must to watch just to understand the whole story.

So, with that, i leave the decision to you….

Ja nee!



Happy birthday,bwa!

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ryoma even remembers you!

ryoma even remembers you!

Happy birthday,Black Winged Assasin!

For a sweet lady that have always been around the Yahoo! Answers C&A category.

I think she is the most friendly person on C&A. She always answers everybody’s questions & knows how to have fun.

Hope you’ll have a fun birthday celebration,sweetie! *hugs*

Drop by her page & leave her a friendly greeting…


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A romance anime that focuses on the guy….seriously?!

Yeah…i was surprised when i watched this anime & found out that the main story actually revolves around Akitsuki Yamato, who transferred to Tokyo to study. When he passed by his new school he saw a girl who is doing a high jump & fell in love that instant.

Upon arriving to his aunt’s dormitory, he learned that that girl is actually his neighbor! Then on his first day in school a childhood friend, who had a long time crush on him approaches him & began talking to him….with that the extraordinarily common romance story began…

Why did i said extraordinary if its common?…you think im nuts,huh? XD

Its because as what i said this anime focuses on the guy. It gives the viewers (especially females) an idea that not only girls get clueless about relationships…

That also guys are prone to misjudgement & misunderstanding. We girls always say “he doesn’t give a d*mn about what i feel!”…but have we ever thought “does he actually understand what i mean?”….

Im a girl…& i know that for us ladies, we find some guys so insensitive…that often times that resulted in misunderstanding… It just dawned on me that we are all the same…There’s no “im a girl,YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I WANT!” in a relationship….

Wow! Where did that all come from?…From watching Suzuka…it just give me a clearer understanding about men & relationships….for those girls out there who are interested in knowing how guys think i guess this anime is worth checking out!


Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl

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Girl meets Girl

Girl meets Girl

I recently finished this anime & i had mixed feelings. It’s about Hazumu, a boy, who was killed when a spaceship landed straight at him. The ‘aliens’ gave him another body..but not a male body..but a female body!

Hazumu confessed to Yasuna before he became a girl that he likes her, but Yasuna, who is suffering from a weird psychological disease wherein she can’t see men, have to reject the confession even if she likes Hazumu. On the other hand, Hzumu’s childhood friend, Tomari, who acts a bit tomboyish, had been harboring a long feeling of love for him. So, in short…a love triangle…

What is my thought about this?……a little annoyed, disappointed, but i do understand the situation…you ever get the feeling of wanting to bang the character’s head just to knock some sense on him… *shrugs*

& anyway, im  not into Yuri’s so its also not my cup of tea….

separating blogs..

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i’ve been thinking ever since the time that i started to do a review of Everyday Minerals that i ought to actually just make a separate blog about beauty stuff.
So currently im in the process of having a blogspot account just for my beauty blogging…So to avoid confusion whatsoever…

As soon as i have everything ready, ill transfer some of my current beauty files there & just use wordpress for my anime blogging…



im done…you can visit my beauty blog here

San San Cream Shadow

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san san eyeshadow trio 01

san san eyeshadow trio 01

I love emphasizing my eyes, which means i go for bold & dramatic eye make-up even if bf doesn’t like it…hehe…so, to make my eye make up stand out i make it a point to actually put a cream shadow as a base so that the eyeshadow will ‘stick’ to my lids.

I’ve been meaning to buy the Revlon Illuminance Shadow before but…*shrugs shoulder*…there are some times when i don’t wanna spend that much money…hehehe…told ya,im a bargain hunter…that’s why i always check Ebay… & i do buy local products too! ^_^

Anyway, I was on my way home one day when i just decided to check out HBC on impulse…since there are no people inside it, i went in & just ask the lady if they have a cream shadow. Then she showed me the testers & i saw this very cute shade of shadow. I asked how much was it & she said it’s just P100 (which is roughly around $2.50). There are actually 3 shades of it, but i just decided to buy 1 since im just using this as a base. So i brought it & im actually happy because its so cheap, i don’t have to shed out $13 dollars for the Illuminance Shadow…hehe *evil grin*

I immediately tested it out as soon as i got home & im thrilled by it. The color payoff is actually really nice. It got that satin sheen to it & it looks so pretty. The applicators are not foam applicators, it’s sponge. I like sponge tip applicators, it’s really good for smudging lines. I actually prefer it than a pencil brush.

I think this is a pretty good buy for the price. & it says that its an age defense…

on the side note, its a bit chunky, but i have found a solution to it…heat it up with a hair dryer. i dunno why, but i guess the heat from it will help breaks down the particles..?i dunno,but that works for me..


Fushigi Yuugi ONI

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fushigi yuugi

fushigi yuugi

I love Fushigi Yuugi….& of course, i wouldn’t pass up on watching the OVA. As what i keep on saying only FY is the shojo that had made me cry & it’s mainly because of the OVA. I know that OVA’s are not really based from the original story itself, as what the letters stand for,its an adaptation.

Actually i can’t understand why people kept on saying that OVA’s & animes are just merely a shadow of the manga (literally it is!..hehe). I believe that any form of art have their own identity.  So even if they were just adapted from manga, they have their own charms…It’s just that… *shrugs shoulder*

Nevertheless, FY OVA had my tears flowing. On the part where Hotohori is able to embrace his own by Tama’s body. It’s just so touching.

The FY OVA is separated in two parts, the Eikoden & Oni.

I’ll go first with the ONI, since this is what made me cry… 😥

fushigi yuugi

fushigi yuugi

oh shoot…i can’t find a nice FY Oni pic…’sumimasen,mina-san’… ;(

The story begins with Miaka & Tamahome in a train & they are on their way to visit Takiko’s grave. Upon reaching it, Tamahome heard someone calling him & when they reached the grave, Tamahome just disappeared.  Miaka of course went berserk, & tamahome was sent back to the book. With some twists & turns, tamahome ended up being Nakago. & from then, the adventures began once again…..

What i like about ONI is that Miaka is much mature than in the series, which definitely suits her because of how the series ended, with her being the top notcher student & all. The love betwen the two of them has become mature too, not the type that ‘ill give up the world just to be with you’.

Uh oh…looks like this blog is gonna be long…so i’ll just make another one about FY EIKODEN.

Ok,back to what i was saying….I was clearly touched when Miaka was on her knees crying to Taitskun saying “if this is what i need to do to be an adult, then i don’t wanna be an adult anymore” -or something like that… You can feel that she is really hurting with it, plus the background music which makes this oh so sad… ;(

But then again, being a story about everlasting love, Tamahome is able to find a way to go back to Miaka. He was born to Miaka’s world as Taka so that he will be able to actually exist in her world & not just some character in the book, but he doesn’t have an inkling of his memory as Tamahome whatsoever.

Doesn’t end that way, one evil entity is still out…So miaka & taka was transported to the book once more & this time, they need to find Taka’s memory jewel so that they can form the Suzaku seven again.

Ok,ill not spoil the rest of the story for you,guys….

Overall,i think its a great OVA. Different from the series, but in a way, its still it, not just because of the art….but because of how it was done. I think its actually good. It’s making me watch it over & over…& i never get tired of it (but i don’t watch it everyday!..lol). So, out of all the shojo animes out there, FY is still the number one for me. It has been around since mid-90’s i think, i have watched a couple of other shojos, but nothing beats FY ;D