School Days

•June 30, 2009 • 1 Comment
school days

school days

Sorry if i’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks (months)..i’ve been so busy with my beauty blog that i’ve neglected my anime blog XD…Anyway, the last anime that i’ve finished is this…Actually i just finished this a few hours ago…

We all know that to be unfaithful when you are in a relationship is a NO-NO…

This anime says it all!

Actually im having mixed emotions after watching it…I mostly feel disturbed for the underlying message of the story is very clear..nothing good ever came out of cheating. Though in the story, the main character had to have a horrible ending, that is by him dying…

I’ll not spoil the story, but suffice to say, this anime have a good story. It makes the viewer realize how fragile a girl’s feelings are… How sensitive & emotional a girl can get…That’s why it’s very easy for us to get hurt….

Will i recommend it? Hmmm…For people who like to watch real life drama, then they can..but for those who don’t like disturbing story, then you can miss this…nothing special about it..

Actually i thought that this would be more of a happy story since the title is ‘school days”’but then… *shrugs shoulder*

For those who have watched this anime…what are your reactions?

Care to share?



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Im currently watching Kyo Kara Maoh… Actually that’s what i was watching before i went on a vacation..

ill get back to it as soon as i have everything set…

But im not a Yaoi fan…& it looks like this is one…

Hmmm…will i like it?

Who have watched it? Have you liked it?

Ouran High School Host Club

•April 12, 2009 • 6 Comments
ouran high school host club

ouran high school host club

I already finished watching this anime ages ago but since today i needed to watch something that will elevate my mood (its just that its a boring day…uber boring!) so i decided to watch this again…

I’ll just give a short summary of it… Ouran Gakuen is a school whose students are people who belong in the elite society. On which as what they say,the school is consist of students who are so rich they dont even have any place to spend their money with . Moving on…Haruhi Fujioka, an ordinary girl (who is not exactly rich) made the mistake of entering an empty room with the sole purpose of studying. She entered the room that the Host Club are using for their activities. Due to her being overwhelmed by the Host Club, she accidentally knocked an uber expensive vase on which cost millions of yen.

In order to pay the amount she was tasked to be the host club’s errand ‘boy’. Dressed in a drag & flabby shirt & pants, she was mistaken to be a boy. When the rest of the gang found out how ‘handsome’ he is, they decided to let him be a host instead. Up until they found out that ‘he’ is actually a ‘she’…..

What i like about this anime is that it doesn’t have a strong story. It’s not something that you would want to watch just because you want to know what the heck happened after one episode. It’s just so “light” that you will actually crave for more… Its funny too so its good for times when you need to have a nice laugh.

If you are looking for something to watch to take the boredom away & is not looking for something heavy, then im pretty sure you will like this anime!

Till the next time…. Jaa!

Prince of Tennis OVA (nationals)

•April 10, 2009 • 2 Comments
prince of tennis

prince of tennis

Today i finished watching the Prince of Tennis OVAs. For people who have been following my blog, they would know that Prince of Tennis is one of my  favorite anime. I still have to wait for a couple more weeks to complete my collection though…I was just able to finish it thanks to youtube… XD

So what exactly are my thoughts over it?

The last episode that i watched OVA 19 on which Ryoma played with Kintaro (i like that character!)…so yesterday i was able to finally watch from OVA 20 until the last one which is OVA 26. Prior to that I read the manga up until the end…on which i dunno if its actually a good idea or not, but made me not appreciate the OVAs. Not that i don’t like…but in some ways i just felt that the OVAs made the story fast.

I was hoping that they would be ble to actually explain & give details on the ‘battles’ (yes, i used the word battle because that is what the final match is…its not a game), but much to my annoyance it lacks something…

Take for example the first match, Tezuka vs Sanada. When i read the manga…(or more like after reading it), i thought its a bit vague..i mean you don’t get to see the actual motion, that is… I was used to watching anime so i want action!!! i wanna see them actually doing it… So i was like “im pretty sure this will be amazing in OVA’s…on the manga they try to give as much details as they can, but of course its just panel by panel so its limited, whereas for the anime, i think they can give out the actual details, but they didn’t….

*Spoiler ahead*

Tezuka’s arm is all red & swollen, whereas both of  Sanada’s legs are red & swollen too…Although they try to explain why its so, but its…i dunno…its not satisfying enough… I guess its just me…but i feel that its because they packed one match in one OVA that’s why they are not able to execute it as beautifully as its supposed to be… It’s supposed to be dramatic..with Tezuka sacrificing his arm again for the sake of Seigaku..but it lacks that special something.

At least on Ryoma’s match they were able to give life to it (because its 2 episode so they can go into details)…although still not quite…for some reason i still prefer the match that he had with seems more dramatic!…or maybe its just me..maybe im just that besotted female who loves dramatic stuff… XD

Im not saying that its bad….im just saying that i think it could be improved further if they added more.

For people who have read the manga, there’s no difference at the ending at all…which is good, considering that months ago i keep on seeing questions on Yahoo! Answer saying that Ryoma died at the ending….

So, make sure that you do watch it! 🙂


a friend of mine once said that Prince of Tennis manga will have a continuation. if that’s the case then hurray to people who reads the manga!

Eyeko discount code!

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I recently finished watching Sola & it reminded me a lot of Kanon. As soon as I went online & did a little research I found out that it was actually made by Naoki Hisaya who made Kanon…so there….for people who appreciated Kanon, then i guess you you would like this anime.

Sola is an anime that is about Yaka…according to the anime Yaka’s are known to be the “woe of the night”, sort of like a monster that have an eternal life…born from people’s fear & pain, hence they are meant to be alone.

Much like Kanon, it started with a setting of an ordinary life. Yorito, a boy who loves to take pictures of the sky, saw Matsuri in front of the vending machine kicking it because the juice that she brought was stuck inside.

The story evolves from an ordinary setting to something that is mixed with supernatural. Up until the end that Yorito discovers a secret about himself & his sister.

It’s a short anime…a mere 13 episodes…though i must say that it didn’t leave me with a heavy heart unlike Kanon. Although, just like the first anime, there would be death, but its something that makes it all the more touching…

I can’t actually say that i like this anime..but i don’t hate it either…

At least at the end of every episode it was able to keep me in suspense so i was able to easily finish it.

If you like Kanon, then check Sola.

Im sure you’ll like it better. Since for me, i like this one better….

itazura na kiss

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itazura na kiss

itazura na kiss

Was down with theflu for the past couple of days thats why im not able to post anything…but now im slowly regaining my energy back..thank god for that..i hate being sick..makes me a crybaby…Last anime that i watched is Itazura na Kiss….

Love at first sight…First love never dies…

This is what the anime is all about. ..Its a pure shojo anime..nothing with fantasy or adventures..just plain old romance..

Kotoko is so totally inlove with Naoki, from the time she entered high school up until fate played with her that she ends up living in Naoki’s house. Of course, being a shojo anime, they have to end up together.

Again, i’ll not go into details. I like shojo, but i never did took a favor of this one. It’s too girly & just like what most modern women think of, its not morally right to ensalve yourself with a man. ..i don’t know…i guess its just me..but i never did enjoy this one..

I sticked around to watch this because of Naoki’s mom…I find her very hilarious & cool…& everytime she is shown, she will do something fun.

Anyway, for people who is into first love & undying sort of love they will surely enjoy this.